FAQs for organizers

FAQs for Event Organizers

What do you charge for a weekend workshop?

I charge between $100-$150 per workshop teaching hour up to a maximum of 6 hours in a day, rate being dependent on workshop content. This rate is non-inclusive of travel costs and accommodation. Payment is expected at the end of the workshop, unless payment is being collected via online platform requiring processing time (Brown Paper Tickets, EventBrite, etc) where online payouts can be delayed. In this case please advice beforehand with payment expected within one week of the end of the workshop. 

What are your travel requirements?

I prefer that all flights (barring a situation where there are no other options) be after 9am, and any layovers be ideally less than 4 hours in order to be in a decent condition to teach. International flights must put me in the town I will be teaching in at least one day prior to the start of the event, so I may adjust to the timezone a little. Flights ideally are purchased by the organizer, in the event that I purchase my own flights (such as a tour where multiple venues are splitting travel costs) flights are to be reimbursed within a week of the end of the workshop by Paypal or etransfer (within Canada) or with cash. 

What are your accommodation requirements?

As I will need time solo each evening to take care of administrative needs and to unwind after teaching, my accommodations must have a door I can close (or some other method of achieving a sense of privacy). If it is shared accommodation with another presenter or organizer I must know in advance who I'm sharing with. All accommodation must be within 30 minutes of the venue, and the organizer is responsible for my transportation to and from the venue, as well as to and from the airport. I am allergic to cats (sadly), so a cat free home is strongly preferred. If the event is a larger one with multiple presenters I prefer to be housed with fellow presenters if group accommodation is being arranged.

Do you require meals to be covered?

I anticipate taking care of my own meals, and appreciate opportunities to sample local cuisine- I'm an adventurous eater. 

What are your teaching requirements?


Will you need a model?

Unless otherwise requested by you or stated by me I travel without a model and will require one for the workshop. Ideally an opportunity to discuss things beforehand between myself and the model should be arranged, with a practice session if possible, especially if a performance is part of the workshop. Organizers are responsible for arranging payment to the model with the model, and the model fee is separate from my workshop fees. Models must be paid per their individually set rates, unless they request compensation in another form. I firmly believe in importance of recognizing the value added to workshops by my models, and as such exposure, photoshoots with me, and social media shoutouts are not in my opinion appropriate compensation for the hard work and dedication put in by the people I tie with.