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Workshop at Toronto Kinbaku Salon
10:00 AM10:00

Workshop at Toronto Kinbaku Salon

Body Mechanics for Ground and Air- a deep dive into leveraging the body against itself

Understanding in an intuitive way the way a body moves in space is essential to sculpting the figure. In this single day workshop we will explore both on the ground and in the air the way the body moves from the smallest joint lock to the largest transitions, gaining mastery over our efforts to control a person in space in the process. To this end we will cover ties that allow us to explore more dynamic ranges of motion in the air (including the requested "fucky arms"), gain mastery over leverage, and put that mastery to use to create beautiful shapes with minimal rope. Bottoms will gain insight into managing their bodies in space with minimal rope to assist, learn methods of bracing against themselves, and have an opportunity to explore the end limit of ranges of motion in a safe and supportive space.

skill level: Participants (both tops and bottoms) should be proficient in their respective basic suspension practices including familiarity with some form of suspendable chest harness, futomomo, and Tops should have proficiency in suspension line management.

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